Spring Transformation Challenge Runner Up Abigail’s 41lb weight loss story

Customer Abigail joined our Spring Transformation Challenge as an incentive to lose weight. 10 weeks later, she has lost 41lbs, 2 dress sizes and was named runner-up, winning £100 New You Plan points. Here she shares how New You has changed her life… Abigail, why did you decide to take part in the Spring Transformation Challenge?

I stumbled across the  Spring Transformation Challenge when I ordered my first batch of New You Products. In my order it outlined the details of the challenge and I knew it was fate; I had to face the challenge head on! And that’s exactly what I did. The challenge was certainly a driving force behind my success.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since taking part in the Spring Transformation Challenge?

The biggest lesson I took away from partaking in the challenge was addressing my own past behaviours; mainly the way I viewed food. I used it as a way of masking pain, celebrating victories, even curing boredom which was unhelpful and hindering my own progress. By taking a step back from conventional food and reevaluating my relationship with it, The New You Plan has truly saved my life.

Describe how you felt before you started the plan

Before the plan the main word that would spring to my mind to describe how I felt would be “Uncomfortable.” I wanted nothing more than to hide behind unflattering and baggy clothes because I was ashamed about the way I looked and felt out

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