3 Ways To Prevent Weekend Overeating From Sabotaging Your Goals

Are you ‘good’ all week? Perhaps you have a treat at the weekend…then start back with the ‘goodness’ again on Monday? A quick Monday morning jump on the scales to check your progress…only to find that your weight loss is non existent. But you’ve been SO good… apart from Friday’s takeaway… Saturday’s brunch and a Sunday roast that is… but it’s the weekend! Say hello to the weekend saboteur. Here, we share 3 ways to precent weekend overeating from sabotaging your goals.

Mondays. Ugh. Not only are they the ONLY day to start a diet (we think there is a rule about this somewhere) but Monday also signifies the end of the weekend. You know… that glittering Friday oasis that you stare at longingly from across the gaping chasm that is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

How do your weekends shape up? Do you see them as a reward for a hard week? Is the weekend a time to indulge for you? If so you might be interested in how indulging at weekends can really set us back on our fitness goals.

Weekends add up

If you count up all the weekend days in a month (counting Friday, Saturday & Sunday) it’s about 12 days, which is almost HALF OF THE MONTH. So taking time off your diet on the weekends means you’re literally taking off 50% of the time, which isn’t ideal if you have a goal set to lose weight or get in shape.

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