Fresh Herb Deviled Eggs

These tasty and easy to make Fresh Herb Deviled Eggs are perfect for your next get-together, or even a quick lunch.

These are not your typical boring deviled eggs. The dish you most likely have seen passed around at weddings or dinner parties, with “gloopy” filling consisting primarily of mayonnaise and not much else. We’ve got a fresh, light, and fluffy alternative to the classic deviled egg.

A Fresh Update to Classic Deviled Eggs

These Fresh Herb Deviled eggs are on the opposite side of the horderve spectrum. Extra virgin olive oil and flavorful dijon mustard instead of traditional mayonnaise give these deviled eggs a healthy boost.

A seasonal snack

By now we all know the numerous health benefits of fresh herbs — they’re packed with antioxidants and vitamins and add a world of difference in flavor in our cooking. That is one of the many reasons we were excited to add fresh herbs to one of our personal favorite sources of protein, eggs.

The exciting thing about these Fresh Herb Deviled Eggs is how wonderfully versatile they can be. Mix and match your personal favorite seasonal herb combinations to suit your preference — there really isn’t a wrong answer when picking different combinations.

The hard-boiled egg hack

We’ve all been there before, we try to hard boil an egg and are left with an eggshell that’s stubborn and can’t come off. If you’re unsure of your egg-boiling technique? Don’t worry, we have your back.

Follow these steps for the

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