[Transformation Challenge Task 4] How To Avoid The Fear Of Missing Out this Summer

The heat is on! Is anyone else melting? The sun is shining, temperatures are soaring, and the summer season is well and truly here. Which can bring its own challenges when it comes to sticking to your New You plan journey. Numerous invites to Summer BBQs, beer gardens and Summer picnics seem to be the order of the day. What’s a New You Queen or King to do? Style those invitations out New You style of course. Here, we share our top tips to avoid the fear of missing out this summer!

Let’s just address the main thought which we know is running through your head (we know because it runs through ours too). ‘I wish I could go to the BBQ and just eat ‘normal’ food’. Ah yes. This is what we at New You HQ like to call FOMO. Fear of Missing Out.

FOMO is usually tossed around as the reason people are addicted to social media and why they can’t stand to miss so much as a text message, however the experts at New You HQ think its application to the way we approach food is completely spot on. There’s something really crazy about the social and emotional power of food.

If everyone else is eating cake and you’re not, you feel deprived. If everyone’s got a drink in their hand, you feel a bit awkward if you don’t. If everyone else is ordering the extra-large popcorn at the cinema, grabbing a burger at

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