5 Mocktails And Cocktails For Summer

Looking for some fun summer cocktails (or mocktails) with a healthy twist? You’ve come to the right place! Here I’ll give you the recipes for my top 5 summer cocktails and mocktails.

Summertime calls for cool, refreshing drinks. Whether you’re having friends over, grilling in the back yard or just looking for something fun to sip on during a date night in, I’ve got you covered. These drinks are chock-full of real, nutritious ingredients to help you chill out and enjoy some summer fun!

How to Make a Healthy Cocktail

While there are quite a few fun cocktail recipes out there for summer, it’s a bit harder to find one that isn’t packed with added sugar.

Ingredients like simple syrup, the juice from concentrate and pre-made cocktail mixes are the usual culprits. By swapping out these ingredients and instead of using freshly squeezed juices, real fruit, herbs, and natural sweeteners, you keep the same great taste and ditch the high sugar content.

Just like with anything else, it’s all about moderation when it comes to alcohol. It is perfectly possible to include alcohol within a healthy lifestyle. With that being said, it’s important to know your limits and understand how alcohol impacts the body in terms of both digestion and metabolism. We discuss alcohol in terms of health in our Is Alcohol Unhealthy? article if you want to read a bit more on the subject.

Stevia Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is probably one of the most common cocktail components. For

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