Manage Your Menopause Symptoms With Your Diet

Whether you are peri-, post- or just right smack in the middle of menopause, you will find that your symptoms will change but the fact is, your body will never, ever be the same.

While a great supplement like our Women’s Health product called Luminology is a wonderful addition to manage those various symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, dry skin, strange headaches, bone health, depression, and all the other strange feelings that come with menopause, the ultimate way to beat those feelings is through diet, exercise and stress reduction.

Although I can’t go through them all, here are the most common menopause issues and dietary solutions for them:

Hot Flashes

Stop eating those foods that trigger them!  You will know exactly what they are since you cannot fool your body—ever!  I have even found that too much fresh fruit can now bring them on as can eating too much food at one sitting.  Everyone knows that chocolate, alcohol and coffee can spur those rosy cheeks, but who would have guessed that even moderate dehydration can bring on a hot flash?


Eating any foods that contain caffeine, even natural caffeine like carrots, can hinder your chances of sleeping through the night.  Make sure you take any B vitamin supplements well before noon too! Try to eat only foods that don’t burn too much energy in the digestion process and eat lighter meals throughout the day instead of three heavy meals.

Dry Skin

Legumes, nuts and seeds such as pumpkin,

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