Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions about Hallelujah Diet Supplements

No matter how long you’ve been following the Hallelujah Diet, you’re bound to have a few questions along your journey to optimal health. A few weeks ago, we discussed a few of our team’s most frequently asked questions to provide insight on how to best utilize our products. This week, we’ll continue dishing out the raw facts!

Here are a few more of our frequently asked questions answered by our health expert Olin Idol:

1. What is the impact of refrigerating or freezing raw juice powders for short- and long-term storage?
The temperature at which you store your products has a large impact on its shelf life and quality, due to condensation, according to Idol.

“Long-term storage in the freezer is a very good idea,” he said. “While it is quite stable at room temperature, the shelf-life can be extended in the freezer. Short-term storage is better at room temperature. A lot of water vapor is attracted to the cold powder when opened straight from the refrigerator. The resulting condensation can degrade the product.”

So keep the jar you are using at room temperature and store the other ones in the freezer. Let the frozen jars come to room temperature before opening.

2. How long are products good for after their expiration dates?
Our products with expiration dates have been tested to reach label claims at least as long indicated on the date.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve gone bad at that specific point in time. We just didn’t test them

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