Vegan Chia Pudding With Strawberry Nice Cream | Easy Healthy Recipes

A cold and creamy dessert, this Vegan Chia Pudding with Strawberry Banana Nice Cream will make your taste buds dance. Frozen strawberries and bananas are blitzed into a delicious soft serve ice cream, that’s dolloped over a thick and creamy chia pudding – all without any added sugar. You’re welcome!

This vegan chia pudding with strawberry nice cream means you can totally have ice cream for breakfast! It’s packed full of nutrition, creamy and cooling and perfect during the summer months. But honestly, we can’t resist ice cream any month of the year – it’s so delicious!

What is Chia Pudding?

Chia pudding is made with chia seeds; small black seeds – that are very absorbent. When you submerge them in liquid (usually some kind of nut milk), they absorb the liquid, thicken it and transform into a delicious creamy consistency. It’s a great option for making healthy breakfasts, desserts, and snacks.

What I love most, is that this vegan chia pudding can be made in advance, and stored in the fridge – until you’re ready to serve. You can make it the night before – if you’re planning on having it for breakfast. Then all you need to do in the morning, is whip up the nice cream, which is just as easy as making a smoothie.

How to Make Nice Cream Healthy?

Don’t fret! This nice cream isn’t packed full of heavy cream and refined added sugar. Instead, it’s full of wholesome and simple ingredients

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