SHAYA-Botanicals FS Hemp Oil Sublingual Tincture 1500mg 30mL Natural Flavor

Size:1500mg 30mL | Color:Natural Flavor

A Scientist And A Father, The Founder Received M.S. And Ph.D. In Chemistry From University Of Massachusetts Amherst. Has Over 20 Years Of Experience In Science And Marketing. Passionate In Providing The Most Effective Formulas For Those Who Are Willing To Find Help Outside Of Traditional Medicine. The Proprietary Extraction Technology Allows For High Levels Of Phytonutrients. A Rigorous Testing System Is Utilized. On Site Chromatography Testing And 3rd Party Batch Testing Ensures Accurate Levels Of Phytonutrients. The End Result Is The Highest Quality FS Hemp Derived Phytonutrient Rich Oil That Contains No Solvents, No Heavy Metals, And No Pesticides.

1500mg of FS Hemp Oil Supplement. Helps Manage Anxiety And Maintain A Healthy Sleep Pattern
FS Hemp Oil Supplement Is An Effective Calming Agent, That Reduces Suffering From Inflammation And Digestive Issues.
All Products Are Non-Psychoactive And Rich In Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids
Penetrating And Is Readily Absorbed For Maximum Effect
All SHAYA-Botanicals Lab Products Are Manufactured By The Largest Vertically Integrated Producer, Manufacturer, & Distributor Of Hemp-Derived Products In The United States And Operates In Full Compliance With Section 7606 Of The 2014 US Federal Farm Bill.

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