Best Postpartum Diet Tips

You know the importance of curbing unhealthy cravings and following a nutritious diet while you’re pregnant. Not only does it ensure you and your child are receiving the optimal vitamins and minerals needed to thrive, but it can also help mitigate pregnancy symptoms, reduce risk for complications and more. But these healthy eating habits shouldn’t stop after giving birth – especially if you plan on breastfeeding – because your body still needs optimal nutritional fuel, even when you’re not carrying a child. Plus, avoiding unhealthy options and prioritizing fresh produce, whole grains and plant-based proteins can help you lose the extra pounds and get you back to your pre-pregnancy body.

You need to remain healthy and active after delivery so that your body is strong enough to care for your baby. That’s why sticking to healthy and well-balanced eating habits is key, and we believe following the Hallelujah Diet and judicial supplementation of vitamin B12, iodine and fish oil during this time is essential. You can obtain all of the necessary protein, calcium and other vital nutrients like iron, folate and magnesium without consuming meat or dairy products.

Here are a few postpartum diet tips to consider:

1. Choose Healthy Alternatives
Those cravings you had during your pregnancy might come back after you give birth, but that doesn’t mean you should give in now that you’re no longer carrying your child. If you start craving something sweet, choose a healthy alternative. Fruit or one of our Hallelujah Diet dessert recipes

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