Cyclones Strawberry Flavored Pre-Rolled Hemp Wraps (Full Box, 48 Wraps)

Cyclones pre rolled hemp cones are made of hemp and are the greatest smoke you’ll ever experience. Cyclones flavor system allows for a super long lasting flavor that you will love. The Cyclone cone is 100% pre-rolled and comes with a filling/packing stick. Not only is it easy to fill, but it comes in a flavor sealing reusable tube. You can even use the tube as a snuffer to extinguish a partially burning Cyclone.

Strawberry Flavored Pre-Rolled Hemp Wraps for your convenience. Simple process made even more enjoyable due to our great natural flavored hemp wrap.
Made From Natural Hemp, NO TOBACCO! No more worrying about ingesting nasty contaminants or sour tasting smoke. With these strawberry flavored pre-rolled hemp wraps you can rest easy.
24 Packs, Contains 2 Hemp Cones Per Pack which results in 48 total natural strawberry flavored pre-rolled hemp wraps. With these many wraps you can have multiple enjoyable sessions.
“The Greatest Smoke You’ll Ever Experience” is the common sentiment when smoking these straw berry flavored hemp wraps.
Simple setup. Never before has your smoking experience been easier! No need to sit around rolling or driving to the nearest gas station, simply order, pack, and go!

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