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Looking for ways to make quinoa taste better? Try my Cilantro Lime Quinoa that’s easy, healthy and gloriously tasty. Quinoa seeds boiled in vegetable stock and infused with cilantro, zesty lime and garlic to create the perfect side to accompany any dish. Devour as is or use to take your salads and Buddha bowls to the next level. Snag the recipe below!

I’ll admit it, I’m a quinoa fanatic, y’all. I find any excuse to chuck it into cold or warm salads. Plus, it’s the perfect quinoa recipe to go with fish and serve alongside my vegan tikka masala.

These last few years, I’ve found myself experimenting with quinoa – quite a fair bit. Honestly, it took a bit of practice to master how to cook quinoa quickly on the stovetop (with flavour!). Of course, I wish I knew earlier these tips and tricks. 

It’s felt extra busy these past few weeks. I’ve been telling myself to get this recipe up for months. Am serious. I was actually scrolling through my camera roll, today, and saw the quinoa recipe prep shots – perhaps a sign, but I promised myself I’d at least start the write-up. Well, it’s almost 10 pm, and I am cracking on – as pledged.

So happy to offer a quinoa recipe – that’s easy peasy! This one guarantees fluffy quinoa. I’d be lying if I didn’t say – it’s quinoa mania over here. We make this quinoa recipe weekly.

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