The Foundational Five: A Simple Way to Eat Well Every Day

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with all of the information out there telling you how to eat well?

There are so many questions we ask ourselves when preparing or planning meals:

Do I have enough protein? Am I getting all of my nutrients? Will this keep me full? Is this going to taste good and be satisfying? 

Here at Nutrition Stripped, we’ve “stripped” eating well down to a simple framework — which we call the Foundational Five — that you can follow at each meal.

No counting macros. No need to eliminate foods from your diet. And no fancy fads.

In this blog, you’ll learn why you should use the Foundational Five framework when preparing your meals and how it can help make you more consistent with your healthy eating habits.

Why the Foundational Five Framework Works for Everyday Life

I’m so excited to share my simple checkbox system I’ve been using for almost a decade with thousands of clients, with you because it’s going to help you feel so much more confident and at ease when you go to make a meal, knowing you have a well-balanced plate with a quick check. 

Before we jump into exactly what makes up the Foundational Five and how you can start using it in your daily life, it’s important for you to understand why we take this approach to nutrition here at Nutrition Stripped.

Well-Balanced Meals

Of course, when we’re talking about nutrition and caring for your wellbeing, we want

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